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Coaching since 1988, Mike has been a professional business coach, consultant and successful entrepreneur for more than 35 years. As a business leader for much of his life, he has experienced first-hand what it means to "make a payroll," deal with difficult management issues and start business ventures from scratch. As an active entrepreneur he has participated in his share of "successful failures." Mike's broad business background adds a depth of real-world knowledge to his ability to connect with clients, audiences and organizations.

As an award winning U.S. Marine, Mike parlayed his military leadership experience into cutting-edge agribusiness and was a nationally featured agribusiness innovator. He received his Animal Science degree from Texas A&M University, where he won the highest award for senior athletes, the "Aggie Heart Award" leading the 1975 Aggies to a Southwest Conference Football Championship as a quarterback.

Mike's experience in leadership led to management success in medicine, hospitality and business services. After coaching managers in a small business and corporate environment for over 15 years, Mike now leads an international consortium of professional coaches, business consultants and personal development trainers as the managing partner of Leadwise, LLC, a virtual organization.

Mike has been featured in national publications for his innovative work with employees. He is a celebrated chef with awards from national contests and enjoys recognition as a Food Management Professional in the National Restaurant Association. He has received the "Highest Achievement Award" from the Dale Carnegie speaking program and studies and researches coaching and development issues continuously.

A planned book and seminar series will be the cornerstone of the groups expansion in the coming years. The first book is entitled COACH2 The Bottom Line: Coaching Performance, Change and Transformation, followed by Coaching as a Transformational Leadership Competency Many of his business articles and Top 10 Lists have been featured in business publications through the world. His innovative ideas in collaborative learning, leadership and business innovation have brought him notoriety and respect from his peers in the coaching field.

Dedicated to lifelong learning and development, Mike recently founded B\Coach Systems, LLC, a virtual training and development organization designed to develop certified business coaches!

A member of the International Consortia of Business Coachyes, International Society for Performance Improvement, the Association for Psychological Testing, The International Coaches Federation and the founder of a successful International Discussion List on Business Coaching, Mike continues to move the issues of performance, change and transformation to the forefront of organizational excellence. Recently he founded Leadership University.

Mike is currently a practicing business coach and guide and works from an office in his home along the Oregon Trail in Western Nebraska. He maintains a consultative client list from around the world dealing with business development, Internet consultation, entrepreneurial coaching and general executive management issues important in a turbulent business environment. The group's website is located at LEADWISE or contact Mike by email or telephone toll free 800-823-1251.